Consider A DITY Move If You Are A Government Worker

A DITY move, also known as a personally procured move program, is something that lets government workers arrange to have their household goods transported while the government pays for it. It applies only to those government workers who are authorized to have these goods shipped from one place to another. How the DITY move program works is that the government worker is paid part of what the federal government would have paid if it were to arrange for the shipping on its own.

The obvious advantage of a Dity move is that federal employees can have goods shipped at a much lower cost than they otherwise would have to pay. This is ideal because many government workers must relocate for their jobs for one reason or another. It makes the moving process a much smoother one for many government workers. And it eases some of the stress and frustration that can come with the expenses that are associated with moving.

The great thing about a DITY move is that it does not matter how much the out of pocket expenses are for government workers. The government offers a percentage of the overall costs, no matter what they might be. And the employee might even be able to make money out of the DITY move, which can be beneficial as they are setting up their new lives in their new cities.

The more that government workers can do themselves with a DITY move, the more they are able to save … and in some cases, the more profit they are able to make. This makes it a highly desirable option for many government employees, no matter where they live or where they are moving. As long as they have made all of the important arrangements that are necessary before a big move, they can rest well knowing that their belongings not only are safe but that they will be delivered for a nominal fee to their next place of residence. Their belongings might even get there before they do.

There are guides available online that can help government workers find all of the information that they need in order to apply for a DITY move. They also can contact their managers for more information on the moving process, as well as other things to consider before an important move. The earlier these government workers can get started on the process, the better off they will be when moving day arrives.

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