Top three signs of a cannabis addict

Marijuana addict

Cannabis, a common name for marijuana, has unfortunately become over the past few decades the drug of choice for millions of Americans. Many people believe that cannabis is not addictive, because of the fact that it does not have the same harsh effects of drugs like cocaine or heroin. In actuality, one can indeed become a cannabis addict. There are several different ways that one can spot a cannabis addict. In doing so, they may be able to help them before things get out of hand, and they end up having to go through some rather uncomfortable cannabis withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawing from ones normal social circles could be a clear indication that one is becoming a cannabis addict. Like other people that have succumbed to addiction, a cannabis addict may choose to begin associating more and more with friends that share their love of the drug, rather than those that may trying to persuade them not to use it.

Performing poorly at school or work could be a second clear indication that one is becoming a cannabis addict. Someone that begins smoking marijuana may slowly over time begin to pay less and less attention to their duties at work or their studies at school. Not only will a cannabis addict tend to have a shorter attention span than they used to have, but they will probably end up spending more time using the drug than they will studying for school or work.

Whether one uses drugs, alcohol or something else entirely, addicts all tend to exhibit similar behaviors. One thing that people all across the spectrum seem to share are mood swings. A cannabis addict might suddenly become depressed, agitated or moody if they go a while without using the drug. Anyone concerned that a friend or loved one of theirs may be using a drug more and more can let them know about facts like these. They may be helping to spare them from some rather harsh cannabis withdrawal symptoms. More on this.

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