The Difference Between Good and Bad Veterinary Clinic Websites

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Not all veterinary clinic websites are created by or for veterinarians. Sure, in a perfect world every veterinarian website would have all the right information in a format that users could easily navigate and with a design that appealed to them. But we do not live in a perfect world, and so there are varying levels of veterinary practice marketing companies that do solid and not so solid jobs of creating awesome looking veterinarian websites.

As a result, some veterinary clinic websites are less professional than others. Some veterinary websites have cute little pictures of dogs, cats and birds yet no real comprehensive information on the practice itself or on the services made available to clients. These veterinary clinic websites often fall very short and cause the loss of many prospective pet owners who would rather use the services of a veterinarian who cares about the quality of a veterinary clinic website.

On the flip side, the ones that care most about their veterinary clinic websites are the ones who hire veterinarian marketing companies with highly specialized services that cater to the veterinary market. The difference is clear, since these veterinary clinic websites are loaded with good information, including downloads, articles on pet health, and comprehensive biographies on veterinary professionals within their respective practices. These vet based websites often are run using complex yet easy to use systems that manage each site’s content, allowing for a cleaner look and a more frequently updated one at that.
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