Consider Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete floor

If you are evaluating different options for commercial flooring, you might consider commercial polished concrete. Polished concrete is concrete that has been first been treated with a chemical densifier and then ground with progressively finer grinding tools. It is important to note that while traditional poured concrete is porous, the commercial concrete polishing process creates a dense surface that inhibits water, oil and other contaminants. Furthermore, Polishing concrete eliminates “concrete dusting” a process in which tiny particles of dust get pushed upward to the surface, and eventually forces epoxies off of the surface of concrete floors, causing costly maintenance.

Commercial polished concrete is a great option for flooring. First of all, it is very eco friendly. Most buildings are built with a concrete base therefore commercial concrete polishing makes use of the material that is already there. It saves the resources that would have been used to create a new flooring on top of the already existing concrete. Polished concrete floors have high light reflectivity, so they lend interior spaces a bright, clean look and can cut down on the amount of artificial lighting that is used. It also important to note that commercial polished concrete is also quite versatile. It can be stained in a variety of different colors and can also be engraved with certain patterns.

Furthermore, commercial polished concrete is also quite durable. It is not as susceptible to scratches or dents as other flooring material and therefore polished concrete tends to have a very long life span. It requires very little maintenance, washing once a week with soap and water should suffice. If you are interested in concrete polishing, you will want to a concrete polisher. In order to get a good price, it can be a good idea to get several different estimates. Overall, polished concrete can be a great options.

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