Houston DWI Attorneys

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There were almost one hundred thousand DWI arrests in Texas in 2010, a state that is infamous for its stringent laws. For example, you can be incarcerated for at least a year and a half for carrying a firearm illegally; felonies are punishable by at least a year’s imprisonment or the death penalty; and even misdemeanors are punished by incarceration. A Texas law enforcement officer can use your refusal to take a breathalyzer or blood test as evidence in court, and this can be used to suspend your license for more than six months. At any rate, an attorney DWI Houston can offer will make sure that your rights are being protected during the proceedings. With any criminal attorney in Houston Texas, it is most important to ensure that your personal rights are not being violated.

Some Houston criminal defense attorneys specialize as an attorney DWI Houston Texas residents can use to defend themselves. When looking for a Dwi attorney houston can offer you a large number of options; it is prudent to research Houston dwi attorneys before contracting one to defend you. There are a variety of websites that list lawyers by location, by specialization, by success rate, and more. Most attorneys also maintain their own website, where they feature prominent cases that they have one, information about their employees, and more. Be sure to thoroughly research before contracting an attorney to represent you.

When looking for an attorney DWI Houston offenses, it may be good to note that you can represent yourself in court if you so desire. It’s also not necessarily in your best interest to plead guilty, but your DWI attorney can advise you most effectively. The attorney DWI Houston can give you cursory, preliminary advice, or they can represent you in the courtroom.

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