How to Keep Servers from Overheating

Server rack enclosures

It is unknown who big the internet is, how many websites exist or how many users are out there. In fact, there are currently 324 top level domains, which is the part of the url that comes after the period such as .com or .net. Each of these domains has an unlimited number of websites attached which can run for as long as the user keeps its copyright updated. The oldest url register was created March 15, 1985. It is

The internet is really just a big mystery, but how it works could not be more technical. The internet and everything on it runs off of servers. Some of these servers could exist on one computer in an apartment, while others could be on numerous computers in a warehouse. Wherever the server, and however big, it is important to keep the server, server rack, server rack shelves, server cabinets and server rack enclosures in a safe, cool environment.

It is recommended that server rooms exist in a room that has no exterior walls. This allows greater temperature control and can keep the servers from overheating. It is critical to IT systems that proper temperature and humidity is maintained. This can be done by maintaining a stable temperature in the server room and monitoring how how the computers get on a daily basis. Used server racks and server enclosures can be purchased to better control the temperature and humidity of the computers.

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