How To Make A Blogger Button


What is a blog button? These are little graphics that you can create to help promote blog free. This is because another blogger or webmaster will be able to put this button on their blog or website in order to tell others about your blog. All it takes for a blogger or a webmaster to link back to your blog is some HTML code. This code will allow them to hyperlink your blog button and thus promote blog on Internet for you. Then whenever someone sees your blogger button they will be able to come to your blog and take a look around for themselves all by simply clicking your blog button. It is really that easy and this is why so many people are choosing to create, upload and share these buttons today regardless of whether your blog may be hosted on Google’s blog platform, which is Blogger, or on Word Press. All you need to do in order to create one of these buttons for yourself is use the free Web based image editor that is known as Picnik. With its help you’ll start to see some new blog traffic for yourself.
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