What is mobile device management software

Mobile device management

In the US about 25 percent of internet users are mobile devices users. Android OS users increase at a rate of 700,000 users per day. And when it comes to business use, at present in North America it is estimated that about 67 percent of iPad users bring and use their iPads to the office. It is predicted that smart phone use will 62 percent by 2014. These facts show that mobile device use is increasing. This also shows that it is also now being used in businesses or even in the office. This is the reason why many organizations today are using mobile device management software or MDM software.

Mobile device management or MDM is the process of properly managing mobile devices in the office. Companies that use mobile device management are organizations or businesses that uses mobile devices or those that allow bring your own devices or BYOD in the office. Mobile device management is offered by device management software companies or mobile device management software companies. For many businesses, the only way to ensure proper management of mobile devices in the office is through the use of mobile device management software.

Perhaps the major concern for many of the organizations today that uses mobile devices is security. From transfer of data, access to data and other issues that affect data integrity and security with the use of mobile devices, the only way for organizations to be secure is the use of the right mobile device management software. In this, there are mobile device management software companies that gives enough security, such as secure distribution of content and security of data and content even when users collaborate using their mobile devices. Thus, for companies or organizations that are worried about security, they should compare the different mobile device management software companies in terms of how they provide maximum security. There are many companies that offer great protection and security so with a little bit of research, one can find the right solutions of the use of mobile devices in the organization.

Companies today cannot ignore mobile device use. Adapting to the technology should therefore be approached properly. According to the survey conducted by IBM, 75 percent of IT managers interviewed for the survey stated that they are in favor of BYOD or bring your own device policy. According to them this is because it increases the productivity of employees. Thus, for businesses that uses mobile and for businesses that has BYOD in the office, it is imperative to have the best mobile device management software. This is the only way to ensure that productivity is increased as reported by the IT managers. Similarly, in this organizations must choose a mobile device management software company that can provide for all the needs of the organization in terms of mobile use so that productivity is increased for the users and the organization.

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