Plumbing, From the Pyramids to Today

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Did you know that the Romans of the first century A.D. used a plumber service? They had some individuals that were skilled enough to create sewers and plumbing systems that allowed them to reuse the waste water from their baths to direct it to flush their latrines. While a plumber San Diego can definitely provide a similar service, it is good to know that design advancements have made their plumber service infinitely more efficient in their projects.

Archaeologists have even found that there was plumbing in Egypts Pyramid of Cheops. That is more evidence that plumbing service has been around since at least 2,500 B.C.E. Your plumbing San Diego, now has the benefit of modern quality controlled materials and methods. In fact local regulations help to insure that things like sewer and drain service or sewer line replacement follow an established and confirmed methodology so that results can essentially be guaranteed and safe.

When you engage a plumber service, typically you will have an initial consultation that can diagnose and predict any known and yet to be discovered issues. This also can provide a baseline estimate of costs, materials and time required for the plumber service to complete the potential project. We manage just a fraction of the 326 million trillion gallons of water that we have on Earth, but we want to be assured that we receive the best, most timely service available to avoid small concerns turning into major improvements from a plumber service.

The turn of the century, around the late 1800s, saw the end of outdated plumbing supplies such as the wooden pipes in use in Boston and Montreal. In your home or business, you can be assured of quality materials that will support your flow and pressure needs and to minimize risk of water leaks and stoppage issues.

Finally, before calling a plumber service, do a self diagnosis to insure that you understand the problem if possible. Sometimes a simple plunger, either a sink and bathtub plunger or a toilet plunger, can alleviate some of the minor system clogs that plague homes today. Find more on this here:

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