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Kicking the Pot and What it can Do to You

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How to quit smoking pot

Little tidbit of info for you. Tax payers in the US pay around $10 billion a year in costs towards the prohibition of marijuana. Including the arresting of 853,00 people each year. So, when someone tells you that their smoking pot does not hurt anyone, you should have them reimburse you for your tax money for the year. The reason that number is so high is that marijuana is actually quite easy to grow and therefore it is more readily available. It can thrive in virtually any ecosystem, grow up to eighteen feet tall, and grows at about one to two inches a day. For those of you crunching the numbers, that is only one hundred eight to two hundred sixteen days to reach fully mature size.

As many people as there are who talk up the use of marijuana, there are actually those who are seeking marijuana treatment as well. Smoking pot is not all it is made out to be, after all. In fact, a study that followed 1,920 people for sixteen years determined that people who partook in the smoking of pot were actually four times more likely to develop depression. Those who are looking for marijuana treatment are in danger of experiencing marijuana withdrawal symptoms. This makes it very difficult.

The average cannabis addict who seeks to quit has smoked almost every single day for the last ten years, and have tried about six times to quit. And tell me that it is not addicting. One of the hardest parts for the marijuana addicts in their trek to beat their addiction is that cannabis withdrawal symptoms typically kick in around only one to three days of quitting. And these symptoms can last for several months.

For those of you trying to quit, or those who are affected by someone who is addicted, there are organizations out there who want to help with marijuana treatment. The cannabis addiction can be seen as any other type of addiction. A loss of interest in anything other than pot, addiction to an additional substance such as alcohol, all focus revolving around the substance (how to get it, when to use it, how to stay continuously high), and any attempts to stop that have failed because it was too hard to stay away. In general pot addicts seem to have convinced themselves that marijuana is not a bad drug, and therefore they must not have a problem, because there are much worse things to be addicted to. This is a form of denial, and it can be exceedingly difficult to convince them of the contrary.

Pot is a tricky drug and a touchy subject for so many reasons. But if you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana, it is crucial that you seek assistance as soon as possible.