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SEO Reseller Programs Replace Traditional Marketing Strategies

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In the past, large multinational corporations and smaller mom and pop shops alike relied upon traditional marketing strategies to capture and retain customers for their products and their services. These traditional marketing strategies varied from company to company; however, studies conducted by companies which offer SEO reseller programs suggest that the most successful companies generally relied upon a few different traditional marketing strategies. One of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies consisted of placing print ads in newspapers, magazines, and journals which circulated all around the country. Another one of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies consisted of installing billboards in busy city intersections or along the sides of major interstate highways; by

Making a Big Move? Make a Checklist Trust Me

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Moving list checklist

Unless you want half of your office supplies to vanish in the move, then having a home moving checklist is essential. I lost my printer, pens, log books and other vital supplies for my business, all because I did not take the necessary precautions.

See, you are supposed to follow certain steps when you move, but like a jerk, I failed to heed the advice of my friends. You are supposed to take different movers through all of your house to get a proper estimate, compare the different estimates when everyone is all said and done, and then you decide who to hire. After, you make a home moving checklist of what you take, what the movers take and of the total inventory.

What I did? I tell you this just so you can learn from my mistake. I hired the cheapest mover without getting a proper estimate, and failed to look at the better business bureau to see if anybody had complained about them. Sure enough, a lot of my things “went missing” or were “lost in transition.”

You can find a great moving checklist template online, too, to make it easier for you. So, please, I know taking the advice of an anonymous stranger online might be a bad idea, but seriously, if you plan to make a big move, make a home moving checklist.

Has anything like this ever happened to any of you, readers? What are some good tips to hear about making a home moving checklist. Any suggestions or ideas on what to do? Please comment and share. More on this.

Guaranteed SEO Strategies For Your Business

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Search engine optimization is a process of improving online traffic through smart web development and design. Some of the best SEO companies do not rely on attracting clients in a traditional fashion. In fact, the name of the best SEO company for your business will probably come through word of mouth. Most local SEO companies have experienced a noticeable uptick in business in the last two years. Part of this is due to algorithmic upgrades at major search engines. SEO keywords, for example, are no longer as reliable in boosting traffic as they once were. SEO links have also gone through an adjustment period.

Keywords in linking strategies can still boost your web traffic, though only if you stay up to date with changes for search engine optimization. This is why guaranteed SEO matters so much to smart business owners. A business owner that invests in search engine optimization input from a professional expects returns. It is similar to any other marketing capital or cost management strategy. If you put $10,000 toward TV spots, you should expect at least $20,000 in sales to result from customers that see your commercial and make a purchase. Anything less than a two to one return will not be considered a success.

Breaking down this marketing cost management might confuse new business owners. Most business owners will think that getting $10,000 back as a break even would be called success. This does not factor for the incidental costs associated with your sales. $10,000 spent creating a TV spot, distributing it to local channels and getting it to run at peak TV viewing hours is only part of the equation. Your sales staff will still be paid for time spent actually closing a sale for a customer that saw the commercial. The cost of having your new goods or services being broadcast on TV must be factored into your marketing strategy costs.

Search engine optimization changes the game. High returns are available based on lead generation and high conversion rates. The conversion rate of leads to sales is about 14 percent for guaranteed SEO strategies. Consider that cold calling and older lead generation strategies result in about a one percent conversion rate, and it is clear that guaranteed SEO is essential to business success. Learn more about guaranteed SEO by researching the programs with proven success. If an expert claims to provide guaranteed SEO, check their analytics. Guaranteed SEO experts can tailor their strategy to help your business grow as fast as their other clients.
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