Don’t Let the IRS Take Your Car! Find Tax Attorneys Near You

Tax debt attorneys

There is the old saying that the only constants in life are death and taxes. Consider, before the United States of America won its independence in 1776, colonials were subject to taxation by their then overlord, the United Kingdom. Even after gaining its sovereignty, citizens of the newly formed US had to deal with taxes. In the year 1791, the US Supreme Court decided that the power of the government to place a levy on citizens due to federal tax debt was real and legal. Since that time, Americans from all backgrounds have had to deal with their tax debt problems.

The best thing for an American citizen to do after finding themselves with the tax problem is to find tax attorney firms with professionals able to help them out of their bind. For tax payers owing a large debt to the Internal Revenue Service, a levy may be placed on their incomes and properties. The IRS can enact this levy in a number of ways. Sometimes in settling tax debt, the IRS will seize property like a car or house in order to recoup what it is owed. Oftentimes this levy will be placed on bank accounts, tax returns, and wages.

All of this is perfectly legal. Under United States federal law tax seizure can be committed as an administrative action by the IRS without going to court in order to satisfy a tax debt. Many citizens think that if they do nothing about this then the problem will solve itself. However, Americans absolutely must find tax attorney professionals who can help them to reach an amicable solution or it is likely their issues resulting from their IRS tax debts will only get worse.

Irs tax attorneys have a number of methods they can employ. Sometimes, though not frequently, they are able to make a case for having you released from your liability all together. More frequently they are able to help their clients into an agreement with the IRS that allows them to keep their homes and cars. Like any legal situation, however, past successes do not equal future guarantees. Each situation must be dealt with on a case by case basis. One thing is certain; if a debtor doesn’t find tax attorneys as soon as possible, they will not be receiving any help with their problem.


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