Five Ways to Build a Stronger Twitter Account

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Using social media is a must for businesses who are looking to attract new customers and expand. Because there are some 300 million active Twitter accounts, that might be the best place to start. However, not everyone understand how Twitter, or social media as a whole, actually works. This could be particularly true for individuals with a background in something other than marketing or social media. Because of that, utilizing some helpful free twitter tips is a good idea.

1. Content is King

While there are lots of useful Twitter tips available, without engaging and interesting Tweets, it does not matter how much time and effort businesses put into using them. Generally, Tweets should be either useful, funny, or informative. That way, they will offer something new and, hopefully, be shared by followers.

2. Customize

Every Twitter account should have a unique picture and biography for account owners and managers who want to make it stay out. For businesses, a main picture of the owner or logo might be the best bet, and a customized background that does not look like an advertisement can help make a page more unique. Without standing out, it will be hard for businesses to gain followers, even if they write great Tweets.

3. Interact

If a follower responds to a Tweet or provides some sort of feedback, a company should go out of their way to try to engage them. In fact, a simple “Thank You” for a retweet can be quite beneficial. Harmless messages like that can go a long way towards making a business relatable and helping potential customers feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

4. Keep Up With the Lingo

At times, it can be easy for people who use Twitter regularly to determine if others do not because they use the wrong language. In fact, some of the best free Twitter secrets will explain the lingo. Knowing and understanding how to use terminology and symbols like hash tags can make businesses seem more credible and even help them share better content.

5. Follow Other Important Accounts

One of the advantages of using social media, beyond engaging consumers, is that it allows businesses to position themselves as experts. In order to use Twitter to do that, companies will have to follow, and hopefully get followed back, by other experts. For instance, a social media expert will want to connect with Mark Zuckerberg, rather than Tom from Myspace.


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