Today’s Commercial Toilets

Commercial urinals

Many small retail businesses have at least one commercial toilet on the premises for customers to use. Commercial toilets and commercial urinals have to meet certain qualifications which are determined by local governments. Some businesses even have full size bathrooms for customers to use, complete with showers. These are normally found in commercial gyms. Schools have commercial toilets and high schools have shower stalls for student to use after gym. The boys bathrooms have urinals for the boys to use.

It is important to keep a commercial toilet clean as nothing is nastier than going into a filthy public restroom. Retail establishments can hire janitors to clean their commercial toilet and to keep their public restrooms clean and well maintained. There is also the option of choosing an automated commercial toilet. These are the automatic flush toilets that work with the aid of a motion sensor that is battery operated. Once the sensor detects the right motions it will automatically flush the toilet for the person using it. It helps take the worry off a shop owners mind when they know that the toilet is going to automatically flush. Public restrooms can also be equipped with automatic soap dispensers and automatic paper towel dispensers.

A public restroom in a physical rehabilitation facility can also be equipped with shower bases and walk in tubs. You find these types of facilities available in some hospitals too. These are made especially for someone who needs help getting in and out of the tub . A commercial toilet can be fitted for someone that is handicapped as well. There are certain height requirements for a commercial toilet for the disabled. In order to find out more about the rules and regulations online concerning commercial toilet specifics try searching online. Local bathroom contractors can also give you information on what kind of commercial toilet is best for our business establishment today.


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