Are Your Employees Having Enough Fun To Be Productive?

Indoor corporate games

Are you looking for a fun way to bring your corporate team together for an upcoming project? There are same great corporate game ideas that double as fun team building activities. Allow me to tell you about one of the giant games that I brought into my company one day in order to bring the group together and nurture a climate of collaboration.

I found a company for hire that brought a huge F1 simulator game to a campsite that I rented for the day. Not only did the carnival game company set up the F1 simulator, but they installed a Giant Scaletrix track, which is a slot car game with eight color coded lanes and color coded cars as well as controllers.

Carnival games such as the F1 simulator and the Scaletrix have an unnecessarily bad reputation as merely big bounce houses for adults, but they are so much more than that, especially in the corporate setting. By getting coworkers together and playing fun games like the F1 simulator, you are building team spirit and socialization outside of the office, which will increase productivity levels within.

Furthermore, carnival games are tests of chance or skill, which I find to be analogous with the corporate world. Although most of the decisions you make should be based on research and informed intelligence, there are certain chances you must make…certain risks that must be taken.

Sometimes they will make the company millions of dollars, sometimes they will flop. I am a firm believer in the idea that true innovation is risky. If it is a safe decision, chances are it will perpetuate the status quo, but if there is a risk involved, that means you are approaching uncharted territory.

The F1 simulator has become an integral part of race training, as well as an exciting activity for the every man and woman. By setting aside a day of fun and team building, such as a carnival day with an F1 simulator for your office, you are providing the necessary relaxation, socializing and team building to increase productivity, while fostering the skills that are required for innovation and ingenuity.


  1. I try to do things similar to this for my office once a month. I have found it to be an excellent means of increasing productivity

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