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Keeping the car you drive safe and in good shape is important to many people. A car is a huge investment, and it takes proper maintenance to make the investment last. Luckily, technology in our cars, and the know how of our mechanics has grown significantly. If you have any problem with your car or get in an accident, there is likely an auto body paint shop near you.

You could say our fascination with cars grew in 1901 when the Mercedes had a 25 horsepower engine. This was staggeringly fast in contrast to the 1901 through 1906 Oldsmobile that only had one cylinder and 3 horsepower. It was also being steered with a tiller. Cars continued to progress, and 55 percent of the world had Ford Model Ts in 1916. By 1920 we had the first car radio, and now we have built in GPS and computers in the dash.

As our cars got more complicated, so did the maintenance and repair. Now, if anything happens to your car, you will want to call the best auto body paint shops. Accidents and traffic violations are bound to happen with more and more cars on the road. Even in 1899, poor Jacob German was arrested for speeding in his New York City Cab. He was driving 12 miles per hour on Lexington Street in Manhattan.

With the speeds we drive now, it is more likely that damage will occur in any kind of accident. Lucky for us, we have auto collision centers that can make our cars look and feel brand new. In Florida, the law requires you to report accidents causing injury or damage over 500 dollars to the police. Even with this extent of damage, the right collision repair centers can fix you vehicle.

In addition to making repairs from accidents or other mishaps, local auto body shops can help you maintain your vehicle with simple procedures like an oil change, tire rotation, power steering fluid, etc. Auto body paint shops can even give your ride a unique look with a custom paint job.

No matter what your vehicle needs, you should research the best auto body paint shops near you. Read plenty of customer reviews to make sure that the service you are receiving will be worth the money you are spending. You will also want to make sure their service is timely, as it is difficult to go without a car for long. Ask plenty of questions about their experience, and any accolades they have been given. When you get your car back you will feel like you just bought it. This is a great source for more:


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