If Your Site Lives on Page Six of a Google Search Result, You Need Some SEO

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Are you looking for free SEO tips? Maybe you do not have the budget yet to hire professionals, or maybe you have a real Do It Yourself streak. Whatever your situation, here are the top 10 SEO tricks that I have gathered from around the internet. These SEO tips and tricks are a great start to getting your website optimized.

1. Write content that people want to read.

This is of course easier said than done, but the importance of it can not be overstated. Google wants to see unique content, and your readers do, too. Without quality, you will lose readers, and Google will also flag your website, dropping it down the ranks.

2. Add some media.

Did you know that the average internet user watches more than 15 minutes of online video each month? Video and pictures grab the attention of readers. Just be careful not to clutter up your site, or make your load times too long with high resolution media.

3. Do not forget about keywords.

There is a free tool online called the Keyword Effectiveness Index. Use it! This can help you determine what keywords to use in your content to help increase the indexing of your site.

4. Do not use too many keywords.

If your content does not look organic, and if you have stuffed too many keywords in there, Google is going to realize it and your website will find it harder to rank higher. Never try to get one over on Google.

5. Get SEO Google tips.

Did you know that Google has a Webmasters blog with lots of great information and free SEO tips? You want to be reading that.

6. Use title and meta tags.

Title tags encourage users to click, and they also show up in search engine results. Use them only where it is natural, and applicable.

7. Distinguish yourself as an author.

This means having a Google Plus page, and also manipulating a little html on your site to designate that you are the author of its content. Ghost writing is no longer the most viable choice for content creation.

8. Do not wear a black hat.

If you try to hide keywords with white text on a white background, or list a page full of links of unrelated content then you are playing a dangerous game with Google and its algorithms. Read up on black hat SEO so you know where your boundaries are.

9. Use long tail keywords where applicable.

A long tail keyword is typically between two and five words, and is more specific and topic related for your industry. For example, instead of focusing on the keyword SEO, use the long tail keyword Premium SEO in Chicago.

10. Do not stop.

Do not stop writing, do not stop posting to social media, and do not stop reading up on the very latest and best seo tips. There are so many free SEO tips available online, that you will find more work to do than time to do it in.


  1. Hey, great tips! You are right, there are so many resources for free seo tips. You almost have to wonder, why bother hiring professionals?

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