Love Has No Price

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The number of couples who had a wedding budget of a million dollars or more doubled between 2011 and 2012. Personally, I would like to meet one of these couples, because I have never met anyone with that much money to spare on their wedding.

Wedding receptions on a budget are not impossible to achieve! I think many people have it in their heads that their wedding receptions have to be over the top extravaganzas with free booze for all and steak for everyone and their cousin. T

his is not necessarily the case. Remember, this is your special day after all and wedding receptions on a budget can be just as nice, if not better than, receptions that big money created.

According to a research report issued by Pew in 2010, a little over half (51 percent) of adults aged 18 and up are married. When this number is juxtaposed with the 72 percent in 1960, it becomes clear that marriage is not viewed the way it used to be.

Clearly marriage, as a rite of passage and commitment of love, is constantly evolving in how it is regarded and carried out. This is why wedding receptions on a budget are becoming more and more common. If you plan on getting married in the near future, there is nothing wrong with being flexible with the economic climate and planning affordable wedding receptions.

There are plenty of romantic wedding venues that cost next to nothing. If you are looking for wedding receptions on a budget, try a natural spot. This works best in most eastern locations if you are planning a spring wedding, or a wedding in the summer, but putting up a tent somewhere beautiful and among nature can be affordable, romantic and relaxing. I have attended a number of elegant wedding receptions which were set up this way.

About a quarter (24 percent) of all weddings are what are known as “destination weddings.” This is when the entire wedding party and all the guests travel to a specific location for the ceremony and reception. As nice as this could be, I do not think that any of these couples were planning for wedding receptions on a budget.

If you are having trouble planning your wedding receptions on a budget, ask a close friend or family member who they went through for their ceremony. Nearly half (48 percent) of people getting married find their wedding professionals through recommendations given by trusted friends and family members.

Do not stress too much about the financial aspect of the wedding, though. Keep in mind that love is the true reason for the ceremony, and if you need to find wedding receptions on a budget, do not be ashamed. This is going to be the day that you and your lover commit yourselves to one another for so long as you both shall live. That is what is truly important.

That is why the “something blue” in the bridal ensemble is meant to portend purity, fidelity and most of all, love. Wedding receptions on a budget can be just as intimate, fun and lovely as pricey ones. It is all about who you are with, not where you are.

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