Will the Dental ADA Benefit You? Four Facts

What is dentistry

Are you thinking about joining the American Dental Association? There are currently about 20,000 dental students in the U.S., and many of them are trying to get a feel for which organizations they should become a part of. The dental ADA is no small group, with over 155,000 members to its name. Here are four things you should know about the ADA.

1. A Leader

The ADA focuses on being a national leader in oral health. They establish both guidelines and helpful tips for dentists and patients alike so that better oral care is possible. Their official site notes that about 100 million Americans still do not regularly visit a dentist, even though that is one of the best ways to help minimize and eliminate risks to good oral health.

2. The Benefits

Why is 70% of the dental community members of the ADA? There are many reasons, but to highlight a few, the ADA offers everything from access to continuing education and networking opportunities, to discounts on professional and personal services. As you can imagine, when a dentist can display the ADA logo in their office, it helps to reassure patients that they are providing quality care, as someone who cares about public health.

3. Strength in Advocacy

Since its beginnings in 1859, the ADA has always worked hard to influence U.S. politics when it comes to public health. It has advocated for multiple changes and regulations including the fluoridation of public water, tobacco control, and supporting student loans for future dentists going to the top dental schools. The ADA often helps support rising dental students, making dental school life a little easier.

4. Understanding the Latest Research

One advantage of paying attention to the dental ada is that you will hear about the latest updates to dental news and research. Did you know, for example, that the majority of bottled water contains fluoride levels that are lower than the optimal levels needed for good oral health? Many dentists now recommend that parents who suspect that their children are not consuming adequate amounts of Fluoride have them take supplemental pills. American children miss a collective 51 million hours of school owing to oral health issues.

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