Do You Know What You Really Want When Looking for a New Employer?

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Can you guess how many people replied that they would change employers, as opposed to remaining with their current employer, in order to realize career growth, and skill development? About 53% of people in a survey of over 170,000 said that they would change employers. Unless we are working at our dream jobs, most of us would rather work for a “better” company. Whatever “better” means to you is going to be important to determine. When you are on an employer job search, it can be tempting to take the first job that comes around, but if you want to be spending more than a few months with that new organization, you want to pick a great employer.

Here are three things that you should consider when you define your ideal employer criteria.

  1. Employee retention programs.
  2. You should not be afraid to ask your prospective new employer if there are any employee loyalty programs, or incentives above and beyond a mere cost of living adjustment each year. More and more companies are engaging in the talent war, and are trying to attract and retain hard-working and valuable employees. Part of how they will do this is with the help of programs meant to incentivize staying.

  3. Employee training methods.
  4. The benefits of employee training are numerous for the employer. Training can result in a more engaged worker who is better able to do their job, and ultimately able to provide a greater return on the investment that they made in hiring that employee.

    For yourself, knowing the employee training methods is important. If they use employee mentoring programs, then that could be very valuable if you know that the employer has industry leaders in their ranks. Some employers offer reimbursement for continuing education, or will fund industry specific training. Consider then that you may want a company that believes in the importance of employee training if you are eager for career advancement.

  5. Employee benefit programs.
  6. Your employer job search may hinge on such criteria as what kinds of employee health programs are available. Some people require the availability of health and dental insurance, but for others that is a non-issue. Decide for yourself before you accept an employment offer which benefit programs you need, and which would merely be an added bonus.

Your employer job search may be easier if you decide what criteria you are willing to overlook, and which are most important to you. It is as important to be tactful in your questioning, as it is to get answers to these important questions. An employee and employer relationship is better when everyone is satisfied with the arrangement.

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