Not Feeling Safe in Your Home? ADT Security Systems Provides

Adt home security systems

Did you know that a typical burglary in the United States can last anywhere from 90 to 12 minutes? Must burglars are males under the age of 25 and only about 13% of burglaries in the U.S. end up in an arrest. Those are some alarming stats. The 13% arrest rate for burglaries suggests that many of these thieves are getting away from a burglary without even being noticed or caught.

This low arrest rate is mostly due to burglars not hitting homes protected by a home security or alarm system. These criminals are not dumb, they will hit homes typically during the day, when the residents are at work so their entrance and exit goes unnoticed. 85% of the time, a burglar will simply enter your home through a primary door. Investing in a security alarm system for homes significantly reduces the possibility of an intruder entering your home.

The Protect Your Home organization and ADT hold some of the best alarm system reviews. Protect Your Home in the nation’s leading authorized ADT dealer. They sell, install and maintain home alarm and security systems that utilize the ADT alarm monitoring service. An ADT alarm system will signal an alarm and alert the ADT monitoring center whenever a door or window in your home is broken into or opened while the security system is locked. ADT works with approximately 38,000 law enforcement, fire and medical agencies across the United States and responds to about 50,000 crimes in progress each year. Additionally, the ADT monitoring centers act on about 29 million alarm signals annually and field more than 19 million customer calls per year. Protect Your Home and ADT security have together received some of the best alarm system reviews and help to protect millions of American’s homes each year.

An ADT monitored home security system is one of the most effective ways to keep your home, family and personal belongings safe from intruders and burglars. These security systems are quite affordable and are often available during annual specials for a discounted rate. If you live in a neighborhood of crime, have recently experienced a break in or burglary or just want some peace of mind, investing in one of these security systems is an option that will decrease the possibility of a break in or burglary to your home.

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