Boston is For History Lovers!

Boston tour

Boston is one of the most rewarding cities to visit in the United States. Steeped in cultural significance extending across several time periods, to visit Boston is to insert oneself into a particularly regional perspective, extending across the chronoscopic landscape of New England mythos. Boston has a very special role within the American narrative, and those who visit Boston will be bowled over by its contemporary entertainments, as well as its historical pleasures.

The best way to learn about Boston events and Boston info is to visit Boston and go on one or more Boston tours. There are several Boston tours for history buffs, including one that follows the entire Freedom Trail from the Boston Commons to the Paul Revere Statue near the Old North Church. Points in between include Park Street Church, the Granary Burial Ground, and Kings Chapel, which was originally the first Anglican Church in the colony, and which is now a Unitarian Church. On the Freedom Trail tour, those who visit Boston will also see the Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, the Green Dragon Tavern. This tour often stops at the North End, Italian section of Boston known for incredible Italian eateries.

When you visit Boston and take a historical tour, you will be under the care of knowledgeable tour guides, many of whom have advanced degrees in history. Occasionally, renowned historians accompany the tours and provide context and interpretation related to landmarks and famous Bostonians mentioned. To tour Boston with an expert in Massachusetts colonial history is one of the best ways to spend a day when you visit Boston.

There are other tours you can take as well when you visit Boston. If you are interested in seeing the entire city of Boston as well as neighboring city, Cambridge, a cultural and intellectual hotbed which is home to both Harvard and MIT, there are several trolley tours you can take. Some people who visit Boston love Boston tours taken in vehicles that double as trolleys and boats, allowing them to explore the area both by land and by sea. Whatever tour you decide to join when you visit Boston, it is assured that you will learn a great deal and a have a lot of fun!

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