Custom Website Design Can Help to Improve Business

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When it comes to making a good first impression with prospective customers, it is crucial that companies implement the best possible business web design. If you run your own business, this may mean hiring one of any number of quality web development firms to help you facilitate the creation of a site that will engage online users and generate leads and sales.

When working with custom website designers, it is very important that you think about how you can make the user experience as convenient and informative as possible. With this in mind, making certain that the website operates at optimal speeds is significant. In fact, Econsultancy found that 40% of online users will leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds for a page to load. Mobile Joomla reports that a person is 150% more likely to disregard a site if it takes longer than eight seconds to set up.

The idea of convenience is also critical when dealing with the mobile user experience. KeyNote found that a substantial portion of mobile users, 46% in fact, say that they encounter issues when trying to access a given website. Perhaps even more telling is a statistic from Margin Media, which states that 48% of people who utilize mobile devices take a lack of mobile compatibility on the part of a business website as an indication that the business in question does not consider website accessibility to be a high priority. This is problematic. Catering to people who use tablets and smartphones has a lot to do with responsive website design, which enables the user to access the site easily within the specific physical and technological parameters of the device she or he is using.

In addition to improving your online marketing prospects, you may find that website development can help you to boost other marketing efforts that do not take place online. Marketing Sherpa reports that 70% of marketing professionals have found that to be the case.

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