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Rochester is well-known for several key things. Its parks, its garbage plates, several historical movements, technology innovations, and its festivals. Almost all of the Rochester events occurring throughout the year blend music and art into a broader festival experience, but there are still niches where a music-lover can get their fix of orchestral experiences, or an art-lover can get their fill of well curated collections. Whatever your preference, here are the bigger events in art, music, and festivals here in Rochester.

Rochester Art Events

From now until the end of 2013, there is a special gallery collection on display at the Memorial Art Gallery. It is showcasing artists such as E.E. Cummings, whose work has been in the private collections of the MAG founding family until now. Some of the largest galleries in Rochester include the following venues, although there are many more smaller galleries that are also worth exploring.

  • Memorial Art Gallery
  • ARTISANWorks
  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center
  • The Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester

To get a better look at some of the smaller galleries, you should clear your calendar for the first Friday of the next month. On the first Friday evening of every month, Rochester art galleries participate in the “First Friday” event, which opens up a number of galleries and art venues to the public, and all at the same time. You can spend three hours going from gallery to gallery to see what is new in the art scene, and discover new local and international artists.

Rochester Music Events

As of this moment, there are more than 289 scheduled concerts in the Rochester region, and that is not including the music events that originate from within the city, such as those at the Rochester Academy of Music, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, or the Eastman School of Music. For something non-traditional, you could try the Rochester Museum and Science Center, which has an ongoing feature for “Musical Tesla Coils” at its Electricity Theater.

Rochester Festivals

For the Rochesterian that wants art, music, food, and more all in one place, the festivals are an ideal option. Here are just a few Rochester events that have become regular festivals.

  • High Falls Film Festival
  • Park Avenue Festival
  • Lilac Festival
  • Canal Days
  • East End Music Festival
  • International Jazz Festival
  • Corn Hill Arts Festival
  • Clothesline Festival

The Genesee river even has a festival attached to it, called “River Romance.” Each year in October there are walking tours, buskers, flower workshops, music, and a number of educational events that give residents a chance to both celebrate and learn more about this famous river.

This brief summary of some of the arts, music, and festival events should give you an idea of the breadth of activities that are available to Rochesterians. Never let anyone tell you that there is nothing to do in Rochester. With so many Rochester events happening throughout the year, for enthusiasts of every kind, you couldn’t attend them all if you wanted to. Read more blogs like this:

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