A Clean Office Is a Happy Office How to Find the Best Cleaning Services for Your Business

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Professional commercial cleaning services have been used for decades to clean up offices, schools and other large establishments that experience high amounts of daily foot traffic. These establishments play host to a lot of bacteria; for example, a typical office in the United States holds over 500 types of bacteria. Furthermore, many studies have found toilets to be up to 50 times cleaner than a keyboard, or mouse. To make matters worse, about 75% of office workers believe their offices are being cleaned effectively.

Commercial cleaning is considered to be a fragmented industry, no commercial cleaning contractors own more than 6% of the entire market. It’s the fragmented industry that can produce some of the top commercial cleaning companies, due to their small size and personal relationships with their clients. While some commercial and residential cleaning services of low quality do exist, many top commercial cleaning companies provide incredible service, and know how to do the job correctly.

When looking to contract commercial cleaning services, there’s a few indicators that can separate the best services from the rest. A common indicator of a good commercial cleaning service can be found in the products they use. The top commercial cleaning companies will frequently use certified, non-hazardous green cleaning products. There once was a time when people wouldn’t think twice about using cleaning products that contained toxic ingredients and chemicals, but today we understand the various hazards that can be involved with these harmful products. Many of the harmful products with unfamiliar chemicals sometimes have negative effects on our health and the environment, which has led people to seek out more natural, green cleaning products. Green cleaning products are not only better for your health and safe to use around kids and pets, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

Another common indicator of a commercial cleaning company providing good service is apparent in their staff. Is the business owner or manager personable and understanding of the cleaning needs for your facility? Does the cleaning staff work diligently and seem to be properly trained and oriented with their duties? Or do they look uninterested and lazy? The best commercial cleaning companies use extensive background checks and orientation/training programs for their employees. Make sure the commercial cleaning company you’re considering features a suitable, and hard working staff.

No organization wants to frequently be forced to hire and fire various cleaning companies due to poor service. Hiring a good cleaning service is also great for keeping the employees of an establishment happy and safe from bacteria, instead of them worrying about the cleanliness of their work environment, and constantly getting sick from the spreading of bacteria. A clean office is a happy office. So, make sure you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company that knows how to offer superior cleaning service.
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