How to Effectively Repair Your Drain Clogs

Septic tank repair

Do you have drain clogs? If only one drain in your house is clogged, the problem is likely an isolated incident. If multiple drains in your home are clogged, however, the problem could be more serious. Septic tanks and leach fields, although helpful, can sometimes experience clogs, and this causes the entire drainage system in your house to malfunction. If you suspect an issue with your septic system, the most effective thing to do is seek help from a plumbing service. Since it can be dangerous to work on a septic system yourself, plumbing repair services are able to do all the dirty work for you.

Several factors could be causing your septic system to act up. Garbage disposals, for example, are known to cause problems with septic tanks. Garbage disposals grind food particles small enough to fit down the drain, but the food particles could actually be clogging the leach drains and septic tank. Although a high-quality garbage disposal will help prevent this from happening, it will not completely eliminate the risk. Trees could also be the source of your problems. Trees must be at least 100 feet from your septic system because tree roots can actually puncture the septic tank, causing severe damage.

No matter what is causing the problem, however, you should never attempt to open your septic tank yourself. The gases and bacteria contained in the tank can be dangerous when released, so it is important to seek help from a plumbing service that has septic certification and knows how to handle septic tanks safely. One way you can avoid having future problems with your septic tank is to have it cleaned regularly, though, and although the average cost to have a septic tank cleaned is 433 dollars, the cost to have an entirely new system installed is between 3,617 and 4,698 dollars, according to Home Advisor.

Since it can be costly to have an entirely new septic system installed, you must seek help from a plumbing service as soon as you experience drain clogs. A plumbing repair service will determine the cause of the clog and safely repair it, and this will prevent you from coming into contact with the toxic septic system. By getting help to have your drain clogs repaired, you can experience the benefits of having a functional septic system again. More.

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