Managing Visitors and Virtual Visitation For Prisons

Prison reallocation of resources

Even though less than a percent of the U.S. population is incarcerated, they still require logistical oversight when it comes to visitation. Using prison video visitation, you can help to minimize any safety and management issues. When implementing video visitation systems, you can allow scheduling to be initiated by the visitor using a home computer. Additionally, there is less security manpower and employee oversight needed to clear prisoners and their visitors through checkpoints. You can find the best inmate video visitation systems by doing some simple research into features, implementation and quality of service.

There are various online review sites that can be used to find real world experiences with different prison video visitation systems and feedback on their operation. This third party research is also valuable for getting practical insights on capabilities and expertise. It might be beneficial to talk with colleagues and industry associates for their recommendations. When evaluating new alternatives, you may want to pilot the virtual visitation systems as you refine your short list of viable systems.

As part of your demonstration and pilot program, you can analyze the effectiveness of allowing visitors to manage their schedules and the functionality for admins to assign different privilege levels for secure visitors. Additional functionality can also be examined for effectiveness and efficiency, such as the monitoring and recording of interactions during use of the prison video visitation.

Using virtual visitation systems as your primary visiting management system should not be a complicated operation, but you will need to schedule extensive training to adapt to the new system and features. Your vendors can consult on various options to help remain compliant while minimizing employee oversight. Regardless which system you ultimately choose, you are looking for one that will enhance your security and efficiency while still properly managing the prison video visitation process. Find more on this here:

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