How to Install HardieBacker Cement Board on Floors – Diy Index

The connected video clip may help you through howto put in James Hardie cement-board in your floors.

Make certain that the ground is structurally solid until you place down any sort of flooring. It is strongly suggested that you just work with a one-fourth-inch cement plank to get most floor types. From there, you are going to desire to figure out that the last design of one’s planks. Be sure to stagger the jointsand don’t line the joints up with people in the subfloor.

Apply a coat of altered thin set or firmly affix the tiles to it in the desired pattern. Fasten the boards down with the technical nails or screws recorded in the substances section and also make certain never to over drive them. Fill the spaces left with all precisely the exact mortar you was able to set the tiles.

Tape a ground joints ahead of tiling. Use a high-strength, alkali-resistant glass tape that’s atleast 2 inches wide, and decorate it in the mortar layer. Make sure you follow all of directions you’re given in official substances, so it is possible to make certain the safety and strength of one’s own flooring. n5fo6uozzs.

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