3D Printing Debunked – 1776 The Musical

The video talks about some reports about 3D printing you’ve heard previously. A few may or may not be real, but this video will show the reasons behind this. Three myths that he used to believe are things he thinks you should be well-aware of. One myth states that 3d printing is a innovative and cutting technological advancement. It’s evident that 3D printing technology is gaining more knowledge. However, 3D printing isn’t an invention that is new. It’s been around since the 1980s. One man from Japan back in the 80s invented the concept of 3D printing. The study was published in 1981. Not many people know of this. America has only seen 3D printing as early as the 1990s. The first movie to show 3D printing was released in 1998. It appeared to have been before its time, however, the technology was around for more than a decade. Next, ABS is much more robust than PLA. You used to need to spend $30k+ to fill your 3D printer with plastic if you were printing it in the course of a hobby. c4wdt8f9i7.

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