How Can Binocular Vision Disorder Cause Anxiety? – Bright Healthcare

Symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction are blurry or double vision, light sensitivity squinting, tiredness from reading, eye strain and restlessness, as well as dizziness, and anxiety when driving. Patients suffering from this disorder frequently experience anxiety.

Dr. Berger Israloff says that anxiety is caused by problem with vision and not trusting the environment. A blurry vision while driving can result in accidents, and also a sense of not being safe. Eye problems can impact how you feel and also what your eyes see. Patients often see shadows or added movement to the pictures they see. It’s not always exactly the same thing.

To determine the root cause to determine the root cause, an eye specialist will conduct an extensive exam. For treatment, the patient will be given glasses that have a micro prism lense. Each patient requires a differing lens’ strength. Many patients experience immediately a reduction in their symptoms. After fine-tuning, this can reach 80%. Anxiety symptoms will tend to decrease in the course of improvements in the visual symptoms. dja9geq26q.

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