How to Make Your Birthday Flowers Last Longer – Balanced Living Magazine

There’s no better option to show people what you think than to send you stunning flowers that you can be able to enjoy at home. The only issue is that there is a limit to the duration of time for your flower arrangements. If you’d like to keep your birthday flowers alive for a bit longer, here are a few guidelines to aid you.
Cut the stems on an angle. This will allow you to cut your stems at an angle to ensure they’re at the correct length for your vase. Additionally, this allows you to soak up more the water. The best way to trim your flowers is every weekly. The freshness will last for longer.
The next thing you’ll want to do is change the water on a daily basis or every other day. This will ensure that your water is oxygenated for the flowers. Additionally, it ensures that your flowers are hydrated over longer time. What you do not want for your flowers to be a discolored water.

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