Is a New Asphalt Driveway Right for You? – House Killer

The choice between asphalt, concrete and paver types can be difficult. Stanley Genadek’s YouTube channel discusses both the advantages and drawbacks of each option in addition to the maintenance involved.

When you purchase an asphalt driveway, it is among the least costly out of three choices to set up but it has the greatest maintenance expenses of all the options. Cracks can develop after two-three years of usage. In order to stop these from getting any worse, a rubberized material is essential.

The next best option is concrete. Concrete is a durable material but is extremely susceptible to salt. Concrete can be seriously damaged by salt used in winter for roads.

Paver driveways will typically last the longest and last for a long time and never break. Paver driveways can last longer and won’t break as each brick has the settlement level that is unique to each brick. That means your pavement may appear uneven, however, it isn’t likely to crack. This option has the greatest problem: weeds can grow across brick spaces.

Another option is to use stamped colored concrete. Be sure to ensure the entire driveway is colored in order for a business to coloring the surface can create cracks that are inevitable visible. lujxzlpqfw.

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