The Cremation Process – Family Magazine

The operators perform the cremation service with the highest quality of care. In order to ensure that the cremation equipment does not get damaged, the beginning procedure for cremation is to remove any handles made of metal from your casket. The next step is to raise the casket’s lift before placing the casket over of the table for loading. The two steps above get the casket set to go inside the chamber.

Family members may attend in the ceremony of cremation and can be involved should they choose to participate also. For the casket to be taken into the cremation chamber, the person in the family can press a button. The operator will start the process if no family members are present willing to initiate it. The cremator’s doors open, and the casket goes into the chamber that has been preheated when one presses the button for the start of the procedure. The cremation proceeds at 800° Celsius for the last time following the door to the chamber closes.

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