What is an Expert Witness? – Law Terminology

In the event of a case, depending on the case, a medical expert witness nearly required in order to be able to prove the case and back up different arguments.

A fact witness is usually known as an eyewitness. They can give evidence based upon what they have experienced or witnessed. As the testimony is based entirely on the circumstances of the specific case that witness doesn’t usually need any previous information. If the lawyer is in need of more details, they’ll bring in an expert medical witness.

A witness who is an expert who has expertise, know-how of training, knowledge, or has experience in a particular subject matter for the situation. They can be a witness of their expertise. It should be backed with enough evidence, information, and solid foundations. This Youtube video below demonstrates the way an expert witness may be used in a trial. If you’re ever involved with a trial, this video can assist you in preparing for what you could expect. xavxo324ol.

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