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S – both natural as well as artificial structures – both artificial and natural. It’s where they want to reside, but sometimes they’ll choose to live in certain places in your home.

Bats that enter your home could be a cause of structural damages to your house. The noise they make can be as disturbing than the harm they cause. If you don’t have bat control it could also lead to serious health risks.

What can you do to stop this? Here are some bat control suggestions to help.

1. Walls Need to be Repaired
Bats generally enter homes through gaps and openings in windows, walls, doors or other entry points. This is why it’s important to examine your home for cracks and holes in walls, as well as your roof.

2. Closing the Gap
If you spot gaps, entry, and exit points of bats, you can use a sealant and netting material to seal them.

3. Use Floodlight
Bats prefer quiet, dark areas so a floodlight would be a great idea to direct light into the space.

4. Utilize Mothballs
The strong scent of mothballs serves as a bat repellent. That’s why placing the mothballs within their nesting places can effectively deter them from attracting pests away.

5. Serve Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon provides excellent bat-control agent. Though bats may not like the scent of cinnamon, they can still benefit from it. i29vksmr69.

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