How to Install Epoxy Flooring – Vacuum Storage

acked? Maybe it’s time to install a new garage floor made out of epoxy. This video will help you understand how to install epoxy flooring.

Before epoxy can be laid, it’s essential for the floor to be prepared. To eliminate imperfections, sealers and other imperfections the concrete needs to be ground down. To help with this process you can add sand the concrete.

The epoxy will then be blended. The majority of the epoxies that are sold in stores contain 50% water . This implies that half will evaporate. The reason for this is that they are using 100% hard epoxy. The epoxy is thicker because of this. When the epoxy is dry, it is spread on the garage floor. After this, the pieces of vinyl are then scattered across the floor until they cover the entire surface. Vinyl chips are available in numerous colors and shapes. They can be customized to your flooring to suit the style you desire. Any excess chips should be removed and put away. You want the floor to appear flat.

Then, they mix the polyaspartic top coat of urethane. This coat is used to seal the surface. this coating is applied on top of the vinyl chip layer. Now the video is complete.


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