Intro to Computer Servers – E-Library

wer. It provides services to client PCs, similar to your computer in your home. This video explains what a server looks like and how it functions.

There are several functions that servers perform. Websites are hosted by web servers. Database servers give clients access to many different information. They are also used to deliver electronic mail.

A single server can be utilized to run a single operation. This is easier to do for larger companies. The smaller companies are more dependent on a single server for several operations, including Web hosting as well as data storage.

Servers are not specific types of computer, they are their role. A desktop computer can even serve as server. It is possible to set up a network within your home to work as a file server that other computers can access. The desktop computer can also be utilized to act as a webserver. However, desktop computers do come with some limitations. They can’t handle massive amounts of data or network connections due to their software and hardware.

To learn more about servers, and the benefits they perform you can watch the video at the top of this page.


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