Ideas for a Simple Backyard Wedding Reception – My Maternity Photography

Everyone can enjoy the game. Cornhole can be played by anyone of all ages. The beanbag toss game Cornhole can be played by large groups. Also, it’s a great way to get guests moving. Lawn Twister is a basic game that is a backyard-friendly version game. It’s a great way to get your guests laughing and having fun. Get everyone involved with your backyard wedding reception through the Shoe Game. It only requires one pair of shoes for each person.

What to do:

Each person takes turns asking the groom and bride questions regarding their love for each other. In the absence of consulting each other, both groom and bride have to be honest in their answers. In the next step, they raise one of their shoes to reveal their answer.

Let’s say:

Who was the person who was the first to tell you “I love you”?

If the bride’s words were “I Love You”, her left shoe is held high, while her right shoe would be raised when the groom said “I Love You”.

Then, your buddies can laugh , and they will get to know your personality better.


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