The Benefits and Technology of CNG – Car Talk Podcast

Innovations and tives are increasing in popularity than ever before. This video discusses Compressed Natural Gas technology (CNG) and the benefits the technology offers.

Compressed Natural Gas, a fuel that burns without a trace in cars, is also used. Compressed Natural gas is made from methane. It is used in light duty vehicles like buses and passenger cars. Comparatively to other kinds of fuel such as gasoline and diesel a CNG engine emits less pollution and has a higher efficiency.

CNG vehicles have the following types of tanks. This includes steel tanks steel liner tanks Plastic liner tanks as well as carbon steel, or aluminum coated tanks. The tank holds natural gas. It then delivers it to high-pressure cylinders with a pressure regulator, which will reduce the gas’s pressure to a degree that can be controlled through the engines.

The tank releases pressure to the atmosphere in case of extreme temperatures or high pressure. This helps keep the engine cool. The pressure release inside is a temperature disc which is designed to explode when pressure is at more than 1,500 psi or temperature more than 250 degF. This prevents the engine from starting to catch fire. CNG is highly regarded by drivers since it is clean, inexpensive, plentiful, and domestic. CNG is more affordable, which helps motorists save fuel.


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