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Many people seek complementary or alternative therapies for example, massage or yoga in order to decrease stress and anxiety levels. An alternative approach for managing anxieties and stresses is suggested by psychotherapists. Numerous studies of complementary therapies as well as anxiety were carried out, but no conclusive report showed the effectiveness. However, you can try alternative treatments to reduce anxiety and anxiety.

Take Omega 3

Take Omega 3 might be of great help in managing stress and anxiety without medication.

Every heart has a love for omega three as does the brain. Research on 68 medical school students found that those receiving 2.5mg of omega-3 supplements daily for 12 weeks, had less stress about taking tests than those who took placebo.

There are omega 3 in various supplements, like salmon, walnuts, edamame, salmon, grass-fed beef, and so on.

Disconnect, unfollow, and Stop them.

If you suspect that someone who is in your life, or social media behind your stress and anxiety, it is advised to employ using the “no-contact method. Block, unfollow, unfrie


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