What is a Medical Expert Witness? – Community Legal Services


According to the sentials website, there are two major witnesses to a trial of law: the expert witness (also called the eye witness) and the fact witness. The major difference between the two categories of witnesses is the fact witness gives evidence of their personal experiences or things they have heard or witnessed. Expert witnesses depend on their skills or expertise to provide their opinion.
Therefore, a medical expert witness is a witness who has the knowledge, skills trained, educated, or trained within the field of medical science. Experts can be licensed doctors, nurses or surgeons. The opinions they offer are based on sufficient evidence, which is typically subject to investigation. Furthermore, a medical expert witness utilizes reliable methods and principles to arrive at a given conclusion.
A medical expert witness must be able to demonstrate their knowledge, training, and experience. Medical expert witnesses are usually called on as an expert witness in cases of medical malpractice or claims for personal injury in court. Expert witnesses in medical field are usually used by lawyers during the discovery or trial part of the case.

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