9 Major Home Maintenance Ideas to Reduce Long Term Costs – House Killer

hat’s because it prevents air leaks. For instance, it’s winter that you’re trying to make your home warm. However, warm air continues to escape your home, and cold air from outside keeps finding it’s way into. The HVAC unit will be working harder, use more energy , and ultimately result in more expensive utility bills. The same thing can also be observed in the summer, when colder air continues to escape your house. It is therefore essential to insulate your attic with spray foam insulation. Seal air leaks.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

There are ways to help your furniture last longer so it is not necessary to replace it sooner that you would have. If, for instance, you have a custom cabinet, ensure that you tighten the screws frequently as furniture joints tend to loosen after use. You should also finish the hardware, and clean your furniture so that it has the perfect appearance. In cleaning your furniture avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the finish, but in case your furniture’s finish is already looking worn out, you might want to consider using a furniture refinishing company that can help make the furniture last for longer. You can also protect your furniture from staining from water by keeping it from sun’s rays and installing slipcovers.

Clean Your Appliances

Clean your appliances when you’re trying to cut costs over time. These appliances become more efficient and use lesser energy over time. Cleaning the appliances will make it easier to save money and help to make your house more efficient. It is possible to begin cleaning your fridge first. A refrigerator that is clean will remain cool longer than one with a dirty interior. Be sure to defrost the fridge to remove the icy buildup that gives the compressor an extra boost.


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