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Therefore, they should be provided with enough time to have questions which medical practitioners must answer. Importantly, it is necessary to spend an opportunity to be with loved ones. Research subjects should be ready to take it on without pressure. It is also important to keep them as well as their relatives informed throughout the course of treatment. The contracts must be transparent all the time.

Researchers can be exposed to danger and do not get the advantages of trial. The medical facility is protected from the legal ramifications. But, in certain instances there is compensation for the family members if they are agreed on at the time of writing the contract. A lawsuit can be filed should the family fail to honor the agreement-on compensation. This is because the contract’s binding nature makes it possible for the dispute to be litigated in court.

Some medical facilities can be lured to use an implicit bias approach to clinical trials , without considering of the result. The importance of agreements is that they guarantee legal recourse if such trials are not indicated in the agreement.

Other modern clinical trials that call for contract signing include robotic surgery, nanomedicine as well as gene therapy, neuroimaging medical imaging, telemedicine. These advances have greatly benefited the medical field significantly, nevertheless, additional precautions should be observed when handling them. They can cause the destruction of DNA and organs and tissues damage in human.

Some patients find it difficult to complete their course of treatment due to the length of time or the side effects of the medicine. Lack of compliance is especially risky with regards to severe dialysis. A document that clarifies what each of the parties’ responsibilities are could help improve the patient’s compliance. The written contract also helps ensure that medical professionals are professional. Additionally, they cause the medical professionals to take the greatest interests of the patient with their hearts.

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