Fancy Polished Concrete

Grind and diamond polish concrete

Polished concrete is that which has been treated with some type of chemical densifier followed by being ground with finer grinding tools. Polishing concrete can be considered an art form as you are taking a substance that many believe to be bland and rugged to something that mirrors the image and feel of marble. Even though these floors may appear to be slippery, they meet or exceed all OSHA standards meaning they are safe to walk on. You will need a professional concrete polishing service to come out and perform the installation as top tools and knowledge is needed to attain desired results. The concrete polisher you enlist will let you choose from examples what type of polished concrete you want and then smooth everyone out and install it in your home or business. These floors are able to be LEED certified up to the platinum level as well for anyone concerned about that.

The look of the polished concrete floor can be further enhance by scoring patterns and designs onto it or by adding dye before the polishing has been done. These particular floors are also effective for saving money as they cost around sixty percent less for maintenance costs than a vinyl composition tile would run you. For more information on this unique surface all you have to do is perform some research online. Here you can browse around the different companies in your area that offer it and view images to envision what it would look like in your establishment.
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