Foley Catheter Supplies

Urinary catheter

The percentage of people who suffer from permanent spinal cord injuries that are eventually able to return home is around 90 percent. Around 25 percent of spinal cord injuries are a result of a sports accident or a fall. People with spinal cord injuries rely on certain medical products, such as Foley catheter supplies. 5 percent of military personnel also experience spinal cord injuries as a result of accidents and combat situations in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. Foley catheter supplies are best found online, and there are plenty of ways to save money on self catheter supplies.

Benjamin Franklin revolutionized the way urinary catheter supplies are manufactured by inventing the first flexible catheter. People should check their Medicare catheter coverage before shopping around for options online. It’s important to note there are more options for Foley catheter supplies online than anywhere else. People should read reviews about a Foley catheter in order to get familiar with the benefits they provide. Not all catheters are created equal, and some don’t meet industry standards. A intrauterine catheter can be used for artificial insemination, so there are differences between catheters that people should be aware of while shopping for supplies online.

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