Install A Stormwater Runoff System To Keep Your Groundwater Supply Safe

Stormwater management

Did you know that the health of any waterway, as well as its related flora and fauna, are dependent on a combination of chemical, biological, and physical assessments? This includes a variety of environmental factors, such as obvious pollution or lack of sunlight or water, but it can also refer to storm drainage, such as stormwater runoff or stormwater pollution. While many individuals might believe that stormwater runoff is beneficial to areas like these, in many cases, it can cause additional pollution to the area. As such, it is important to implement stormwater management plans to avoid this pollution. Stormwater treatment can involve a variety of implements that each perform a specific function in order to maintain stormwater drainage. What else is there to know about these types of treatment plans?

Between 2001 and 2010, monitoring of fresh water sites was conducted in areas of California. This research showed that over half of collection sites showed some degree of toxicity or pollution, most of which was harmful to fish or other aquatic life. Choosing a stormwater runoff management system can help to counteract this pollution, since these systems utilize implements that help to filter rainwater and other standing water in specific areas. In fact, some of the most utilized stormwater runoff systems include catch basins and curb inlets. These types of equipment provide some of the first opportunities to trap pollutants from storm water before they are able to enter groundwater supplies.

Some areas also experience a high amount of nonpoint source pollution, which refers to multi source water contaminations that do not originate from single, specific sources. Nonpoint source pollution can be an overall cumulative effect of small amounts of contaminants that are present and gathered from a large area. Using stormwater runoff management systems may help to decrease the pollutants added to these areas that may travel easily with the effects of storm water. While there are dozens of types of equipment that are utilized for the purpose of water filtration, storm drain filters are often considered to be an efficient and cost effective alternative to other oil and water separators. Additionally, specialized systems can be placed in areas of high industrial runoff, in order to keep ground water supplies safe from these types of contaminants, as well. If you are interested in learning more about stormwater runoff systems, consider looking for retailers in your area.

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