Is Marijuana Addictive

Is marijuana addictive

The American Journal of Epidemiology routinely performs studies on issues like marijuana addiction. A 3 year study was done on 4,045 people who free from any psychosis. The study concluded people who smoke cannabis are more likely to develop psychotic symptoms than people who do not use marijuana. Understanding the problems marijuana addicts experience is a process the first requires the understanding of marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Although no physical dependencies are associated with cannabis use, a certain percentage of people who use cannabis regularly may experience psychotic problems. Those who ask themselves “is marijuana addictive” should base their answer on how marijuana affects both the mind and the body.

Research shows people who seek out treatment for marijuana addiction are commonly using this herb every single day for 10 years or more. Studies also show people have tried to quit more than 6 times in their life. During 6,000 B.C., the Ancient Chinese people used cannabis seeds for food. Shen Nung, the Chinese Emperor, used cannabis as a medicinal drug in 2,737 B.C. Today, taxpayers in the United States spend around 10 billion dollars every single year on marijuana prohibition. Is marijuana addictive for people who use this herb a few times a year? Moreover, is marijuana addictive for people who use this herb for medicinal purposes? These are issues that continue to be in debate.

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