Increase Your Business Productivity with Portable Scanners

Digital filing system

In this day and age, the keys to business are speed, efficiency, and convenience. As such, the more mobile and accessible the technology, the more productive a business can be. Also, the more efficiently that a business operates, waste is minimized and profitability increases. When it comes to office technology, the more cutting edge equipment allows businesses to save considerable space. Thus, technology such as state of the art computer systems, portable scanners, laptop scanners, digital filing systems, and business card readers allow businesses greater flexibility, accessibility, and space saving solutions, while also minimizing waste.

Did you know that 10,000 to 12,000 sheets of paper can be stored in a typical four drawer filing cabinet? Thankfully, such monstrosities are largely obsolete today, thanks to portable scanners and high capacity computer systems. However, as recently as 10 to 15 years ago, many fairly large companies still relied upon stacks of bulky file cabinets to store important files. Now that paperwork can be scanned by portable scanners, and stored electronically, there is no need for unsightly stacks of dented file cabinets. As you can imagine, this saves businesses hundreds of square feet of office space, while also saving them thousands of dollars per year on printing paper costs.

When it comes to storing files electronically, there are additional advantages to saving room and minimizing waste. For instance, many businesses are turning to cloud computing, which the CRN anticipates will reach 100 billion dollars by 2014. By storing files on a cloud, employees and owners can access files from any computer at any location. Considering this advantage, it is no wonder that half of those who utilize cloud storage do so for purposes of business agility.

Undoubtedly, technologies such as portable scanners and cloud storage has been a boon to business on many levels. Being able to scan documents via portable scanners and store them on cloud drives has not only mobilized businesses, but has made it possible for employees to work offsite; and, of course, there is the saving of resources and space. The bottom line is, the more efficient businesses can be, the greater their profit. As such, advanced computer systems, portable scanners, and cloud storage have been unprecedented boons to thousands of businesses.


  1. This article makes me think back how we did stuff in as recently as 1999. Everything was a hard copy and was physically stamped with a file number, then stored in manila folders in crappy file cabinets. It seem so ridiculous now.

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