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Wireless scanning tools

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper, a typical business makes 19 copies of every document, forks over $20 in labor to file each document, wastes $120 in labor searching for each inappropriately filed document, loses one out of every 20 documents, and spends 25 hours recreating each document that has been lost. That is a lot of wasted time, money, and manpower. Yet, the results of a survey of 882 companies conducted by the content management association AIIM concluded that the majority of businesses continue to say that they like having paper documents. This is most likely why businesses still use four drawer filing cabinets, which normally hold 10,000 to 12,000 piece of paper.

Despite all this, however, as we move further into the new millennium, paper is going to become largely an artifact of the past. Gartner expects the cloud computing market will be worth approximately $150 billion by 2013. As companies adopt a laptop scanner and business card reader, a digital filing system will replace the paper filing system businesses have relied on in the past. About 50 percent of all companies who scan to cloud do so to encourage business agility. In other words, when you use a laptop scanner to scan files to the cloud, they can be accessed from any location. A laptop scanner will create digital documents stored in the cloud.

A laptop scanner makes it very easy to keep track of all the business cards and documents you get at networking events, conferences, and meetings. A laptop scanner will offer you peace of mind regarding not having to worry about the important new documentation that has been given to you. A laptop scanner will keep all of this contact information safe and organized, allowing for it be filed digitally. This saves space, money, time, and energy.

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