Do You Qualify for Workers Comp?

Injury work

We all know that accidents can happen, especially in the workplace. If you are hurt at work, there are a few options you have toward compensatory wage reimbursement (in lieu of suing your employer). One such option, which is very common if you get hurt at work, is applying for workers compensation based on the circumstances of your situation or injury.

In the event of an on the job injury, often a legal videos expert (if recorded) or an eye witness will attest to the said injury that has caused the injury to provide evidence for the workers comp Arizona claim (eyewitness or video evidence have been used to help uncover insurance scams, too).

Essentially, there are four different types of Arizona workers compensation benefits you can apply for if you are injured or acquire an illness at work; you may be entitled to wage replacement benefits, coverage of medical treatments expenses, vocational rehabilitation, or other benefits.

Most workers comp payments, if you are hurt at work, are based on your ability to find some semblance of employment in a similar capacity. For example, if you lose an arm, a workers compensation attorney may argue that you can still find work as an able bodied person, albeit in a different capacity.

If you can not fulfill your previous work obligations in any capacity, however, that is where workers comp wages kick in. As such, another lesser known option is to apply for a personal injury claim if you were, for example, hit by a motorist while you were performing the responsibilities of your job.

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